A Blizzard Warning Over North Dakota

There is a block in the weather pattern that is about to break down


Good afternoon Weather 20/20 Customers,

Blizzard Warning On March 11, 2023

This update is for all Weather 20/20 customers, paying and free customers. The premium version will be out early in the week as we discuss the LRC and the patent-pending model data that now has an accurate prediction out the entire corn belt.

A Blizzard Warning

A Blizzard Warning is in effect for North Dakota into western Minnesota. This not a powerful storm, but it is producing snow and blowing snow. Conditions will improve on Sunday. And, then we will track a stronger storm and powerful cold front for next week.

The weather pattern is cycling perfectly at close to every 7-weeks and these storm systems keep hitting the same spots, while the drier region near the Oklahoma/Kansas border continues to get missed. There are some spring changes on the way and we will discuss those early next week, so join the premium level at just $300/year, discounted, or $50/month.

Severe Weather Risk Sunday

There is a severe weather risk on Sunday. It is another 50+ day prediction from Weather 20/20. With warmer days ahead of us, spring severe weather season is going to grow stronger in the next month.

Watch the video for the quick update!

It is Spring Forward tonight. Remember, we lose an hour. Meteorologists do not like this time change as the weather data will come in one hour late beginning tomorrow. I like Fall-Back better.

Have a great weekend and stay safe. We will have the premium version updated by early next week as we look at the corn-belt forecast for 2023.

Gary Lezak