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Predicting Weather Disasters

Let’s look at where we are in this year’s LRC

Good Friday evening, or as I said it on TV so many times, It’s Friday Night In The Big Town,

This update is for all of our substack subscribers. I haven’t updated the free version in a while. I hope everyone is doing well. Weather 20/20 is off to Miami to present and have a booth at the Natural Disasters Conference in Miami next week. We also have some big announcements coming up.

Watch the attached video when you have three or four minutes. I posted some of the slides below. I will open up comments if you would like to comment. This pattern is right on schedule. The LRC predicted the Minneapolis storm and this storm coming into California is right on schedule, as shown. It may blow your mind away?

Join the paid version that is updated every week, with our next update coming right after we return from Miami. It is only $300/year or $50/month. Here is some of the presentation we are sharing in Miami.

And, there is a fast moving disturbance tracking across Kansas City tonight with a brief mixed bag of precipitation. It may get slick in a few spots. The storm due in Sunday is also RIGHT ON SCHEDULE per the LRC!

In the video I showed the strikingly similar situation that happened in Oklahoma the year I discovered the LRC
This storm was predicted to return exactly on today’s date, a 50-day prediction
This prediction was made in mid January to threaten this region next week

Join the pay version of this substack for weekly updates and the LRC® model predictions from now through September. It is only $300/year or $50/month.

Weather 20/20 is heading to Miami for the Natural Disasters Conference at the South Beach Convention Center. We hope to see you there.

Gary Lezak

Weather 20/20 Ultra Long Range Forecasting
Weather 20/20 Ultra Long Range Forecasting
Gary Lezak