Summer Is Coming

A video update with a look into summer

Jun 13, 2022

Whew! If you live near Kansas City, then you know it has been a wild week of weather.

Look at this picture taken by Neal Nunberg just west of Emporia, KS near Cottonwood Falls, KS:

This was out at the Symphony in the Flint Hills. It was rather scary with tornado warnings. A microburst, or straight line winds did cause damage to some of their tents and a lot of chairs. But, fortunately no one got injured.

If you are in North Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, somewhere in the corn belt, then you may be somewhat concerned about what is ahead of us this summer.

I describe this forecast in the video, and you can see it here:

A look at rainfall across the United States for the next two months

Summer begins June 21. Upgrade to the pay version of this newsletter and I will be showing your counties in the summer rainfall forecast week-by-week, which will be updated on that first day of summer.

We will also discuss the tropics in that June 21st update. Have a great week.

Gary Lezak