The LRC & A Rare Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas Winter Storm

Watch how the LRC is right on schedule today

Feb 1, 2023

Goooooooood evening Weather 20/20-LRC-Enthusiasts,

The LRC is right on schedule. This post if for our paying and non-paying customers. It is only $300/year to become a full Weather 20/20 substack customer where we updated the long range outlooks with insights each week, or $50/month.

The results are shown below. You can’t make this up. This is the statement many of you have been saying for years. The part of the pattern that is cycling through now is directly related to 100-days ago and 50-days ago. And, in this cycle, incredibly it isn’t severe weather. In cycle 4 and 5 it likely will be, and that is in our severe weather prediction product. This part of the pattern will cycle through around March 20-25 and again May 10-15. The May version may be quite violent and we already have a level 4 out of 5 risk for that week.

This map shows the LRC quite well! We are seeing all three cycles of this year’s pattern so far producing. Severe weather in cycles 1 & 2 and then a winter storm in this latest cycle!

Thank you for listening. Weather 20/20 & The LRC provides the difference in weather prediction. We just completed a severe weather outlook for 2023 and will be sharing some of this for our paying customers next week. Remember, our 100-day predictions are more accurate than the 7 or 10-day forecast on your app.

Gary Lezak