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Weather 20/20 Predicted This Quiet Hurricane Season

The LRC is about to go through a massive change in the next two months, Let's take a look

Welcome to the Weather 20/20 Weather Intelligence Report. This is a big bonus for all the customers. Please join the pay version for just a discount of $50/month or even better $300 for a full year. I will be taking you through the developing weather pattern that is about to evolve on the pay version in the coming weeks.

In this video, we go over this pattern that just produced two hurricanes in the Atlantic Basin, and Hurricane Kay that brought rain to Southern California. All three of these had reflections in previous LRC cycles. Hurricane Earl was actually our #1 prediction of the season, and it tracked off the east coast as expected.

Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE)

Weather 20/20 made the prediction for this hurricane season to be below average with only 12 named storms and an ACE score of near to below average. As you can see on the Barcelona Supercomputing Center’s site, they have been tracking the Weather 20/20 prediction against all of the others.

Now, we just reached peak. As many of you that have followed the LRC for years knows, this pattern doesn’t suddenly change, or “flip” as other predictions from July and August suggested would happen. No, the pattern continues to cycle according to the LRC which set up last fall.

The new pattern will evolve in the coming weeks. On the paid version, we will take you through this developing pattern and when our patent-pending LRC model updates with the new LRC we will begin sharing some of that information with you.

Have a great second half of September, and we will be updating the paid version of this newsletter around September 23, the first day of fall. Please watch the video and let us know if you have any questions. I just watched the video, and you can see Sunny The Weather Dog taking in this rainy afternoon in Kansas City!

Weather 20/20 Ultra Long Range Forecasting
Weather 20/20 Ultra Long Range Forecasting
Gary Lezak